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  1. What is BrightWork 365?

    Built on Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Power Platform, BrightWork 365 is a flexible, complete project and portfolio management solution.
  2.  BrightWork 365 Orientation

  3. Technologies Used

    BrightWork 365 ties together several solutions, including those in your instance of Microsoft 365, allowing you to fully leverage your investment in this powerful platform.
  4. Import Project Gantt Tasks

    The BrightWork Team Member security role is required to import tasks. There is a technical limit of 1,000 tasks for the Gantt, but in order to have a reasonably responsive Gantt there is likely to be a practical lower limit based on perform...
  5. Configure Form, Request & Project Templates

    This article applies to BrightWork 365 v1.6 and later. For earlier versions, see this article .  Templates can be configured by users given the BrightWork Template Editor security role. BrightWork 365 Form Templates Form Templates c...
  6. Task Management

    For BrightWork 365 versions older than v1.6 see Prior Release Articles . Overview Demo Extra Features Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Create a New Gantt Task Click into the Gantt tab within a pro...
  7. BrightWork 365 Starter Project Templates

    For BrightWork 365 versions older than v1.6 see Prior Release Articles . Templates that are associated with a Content Template will be prepopulated with project data. User entered dates will be saved as time zone independent UTC dates, ...
  8. Power BI Dashboard Interface

    Intro to BrightWork 365 Power BI Dashboards In order to use BrightWork 365 Power BI Dashboards, users must have a Microsoft Power BI Pro license or E5/G5 plan, and at least Viewer permission for the relevant Power BI Workspace. Specific ...
  9.  Webinar: Start the Right Projects At the Right Time [Mar 2023)

  10.  Webinar: Control the Project Lifecycle (Apr 2023)