Updated Articles

  1.  New Release [Sep 2023]

  2.  Power BI & Power Apps Reporting on Microsoft 365 [Dec 2023]

  3.  Project Status Reports [Nov 2023]

  4.  Project Management Templates [Oct 2023]

  5. Create a Content Template

    This article is for BrightWork 365 Release February 2023 (v1.6) and newer. Create a Content Template from an Existing Project Users have the option to create a special type of template from an existing project that will include the conte...
  6. Task Management

    2023-09 Overview Demo Extra Features Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Create a New Gantt Task Click into the Gantt tab within a project. You can add a new task in a couple of ways: In the Gantt m...
  7. Technologies Used

    BrightWork 365 ties together several solutions, including those in your instance of Microsoft 365, allowing you to fully leverage your investment in this powerful platform.
  8. BrightWork User Management

    Definitions Security: Methods for protecting the system as a whole and the data housed within the system. Security is cumulative.  User Security: Defines user access to Tables, Columns, Rows, etc., in the Power Platform Dataverse...
  9. Telemetry Data

    Telemetry provides data about what's going on within a model-driven app or on the server. Telemetry is crucial as it allows you to get a profile of app usage, detect performance problems and app crashes. Without this data, the app or service i...
  10. What is BrightWork 365?

    Built on Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Power Platform, BrightWork 365 is a flexible, complete project and portfolio management solution.