Project Stage Approval Process

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For BrightWork 365 versions older than v1.6 see Prior Release Articles.

In a Nutshell - Project Stage Approval Process

Here's a summary of the project stage approval process from start to finish as it operates out of the box:

  1. (Optional) A user given the BrightWork Template Editor security role configures the default properties for Project Templates.
  2. (Optional) A user given the BrightWork Approvals Coordinator security role (a user chosen in the Approvals Coordinator field and also given the BrightWork Approvals Coordinator security role) configures approval related properties for a specific project from the project's Approvals tab.

    1. If approval is not required for a stage, the project can be moved to the stage by a user with the BrightWork Project Manager or BrightWork Stage Mover security role.
    2. If approval is required for a stage:
      1. The project cannot be moved to the stage manually, and a user given the BrightWork Project Manager security role can activate the Send Stage for Approval button in the project's Project Settings tab when it's time to move the project to the stage.
      2. The stage Approvers make a decision (Accept, Reject), and the Project Manager, Approvals Coordinator, and Approvers receive an approval notification.
      3. If the Approvers accept the request, the project moves to the next stage. If the Approvers reject the request, the project stage does not change. 
  3. When the Project Manager is ready, steps 3 through 6 will be repeated until the closing of the project. 

Details - Project Stage Approval Process

The default field values for the users chosen for approving the movement of the project from one stage to the next (e.g., from Initiate to Plan), the nominated Approvals Coordinator, the approval button labels, and any additional approval email text, are all configured in Templates Area | Project Templates. Many of these settings can be overridden in the Approvals tab of a project by the Approvals Coordinator.

Project stages can be moved backward by a user given the BrightWork Project Manager or BrightWork Stage Mover security role. Project stages can also be moved forward by one of these users unless the field Approval Required is set to Yes in the Approvals tab for the next stage, in which case stages can only progress forward via completed approvals by nominated Approvers.

While a stage is out for approval some areas of the project will be read-only and a message will display in the Charter tab until the approval process completes. The Business Process Flow will not be disabled, but users will be prevented from moving a stage forward or backward.

If the stage is Approved, the project will move to the next stage, relevant users will be notified, and the project will no longer be read-only. 

If the stage is Rejected, the project stage will not be changed, all listed users will be notified, and the project will no longer be read-only.

Business Process Flow Stages are used to control the number of stages and the stage names in the approval sections of the Approvals tab. The default settings are controlled by the configuration set in Templates Area > Project Templates; different project templates have different stages. Additional stages beyond what is included out of the box can be added through Business Process Flow customization for up to a total of 10 stages.


The Approvals Coordinator and stage Approvers will be sent approval related notifications when the process for moving from one stage to the next is initiated.

  • The approval emails come from the BrightWork 365 installation account’s email.
  • If there are multiple Approvers, all of them must approve in order for the stage to be approved.