BrightWork Champion

Who Is This Guide For?

This guide is geared to the customer organization's BrightWork Champion, the person responsible for the initial in-app setup of BrightWork 365, including the Program and Portfolio structure, prior to starting the management of projects within the app. The Champion gains a thorough understanding of BrightWork 365 top to bottom, helps define their organization's requirements, and acts as an invaluable subject matter resource for their peers.


We recommend first familiarizing yourself with the various components of the BrightWork 365 solution:

Create the Portfolio and Program Structure

In order to submit project requests and manage projects in BrightWork 365, you'll first need to create at least one parent Portfolio and one child Program associated with the Portfolio. Once this initial structure is in place you can move on to setting up your first project.

Create a Portfolio

Click the Portfolios link, click + New and fill out the form fields.

Create a Program

Click the Programs link, click + New and fill out the form fields.

Deeper Dive - Portfolios & Programs

What's Next?

We suggest you next move on to subsequent role-based guides, beginning with the Project Manager guide.