Upgrading BrightWork 365

Release Notes & Upgrade Guide

See the Release Notes section of this Knowledge Base for content related to new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. 

See the BrightWork365 Upgrade Guide.pdf for upgrade details.

Solution Flows and the Upgrade Installation User

  • BrightWork 365 solution upgrades need to be installed by the Owner of solution Flows as set during the initial installation.

Upgrades and Custom Solutions

  • If your solution has a custom form based on an out of the box form, and an upgrade contains a change to the out of the box form (e.g., a new field on a project tab) that you would like to utilize, this can be accomplished by manually applying the upgrade change to your custom form. Contact your Customer Success Partner for more information.
  • Custom BrightWork Forms and v1.6 Upgrade Features: For high-level instructions for how to use new v1.6 features with custom forms, see Custom BrightWork Forms and App Upgrades.