User Management

Add a User

  1. Add the User to Microsoft 365 through the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.
  2. Provide the User with an active Microsoft 365 license.
  3. Confirm the User is Enabled in Azure Active Directory.
  4. Login to the Power Platform Admin Center and click the BrightWork 365 Environment.
  5. Click See all under Users.
  6. Click +Add user and add the User. You have the option to assign a Security Role at this point or as instructed below.

Assign Security Roles to Users

All BrightWork 365 users need the following role:

  • Basic User.

All licensed BrightWork 365 users should have the following additional roles at a minimum:

  • Environment Maker.
  • BrightWork Team Member.

BrightWork 365 includes a number of other Security Roles which are relevant for different types of users. For Security Role definition details see Security Roles.

To Assign Security Roles to Users:

  1. Navigate to, and open the environment containing the BrightWork 365 Solution.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Users.
  4. Click Manage users in Dynamics 365.
  5. Select a User and click Manage Roles.
  6. Select the roles you wish to assign and click OK.

If security role changes are made to a logged in user, the user will need to log out of the BrightWork 365 app and log back in to utilize the security role changes.