Create Projects

  • BrightWork 365 ships with 3 starter Project Templates out of the box: Project Standard, Product Update, and New Product Introduction. For template details, see the Templates article.
  • Customers that have upgraded from BrightWork 365 versions prior to v1.6 will have the option to choose either a new version template included in a later version of BrightWork 365 from the Project Templates table, or one of the older version templates from the Templates table. To choose, click the search icon and click one of the options.
    The newer version Project Templates can be identified by icon, and older version Project Templates by icon.

Project titles must be unique, have a maximum of 50 characters, and should not contain any special characters including < > : * ? |

Method 1: Create Projects With a Request

The project management lifecycle will typically begin with BrightWork 365 Requests, where a Requester submits a new project request along with details needed for an approval decision. Through workflows, notifications and reports, the request process affords users an efficient method for starting the project management process. You can find detailed information about the formal request process in the Requests section of the Knowledge Base.

Method 2: Create Projects Without a Request

Some organizations will not need a formal request process for all of their projects and will therefore allow certain users to create projects directly in the Projects app section. Users with the BrightWork Project Manager or BrightWork PMO Manager security role will be able to create projects from a template using a simple interface skipping the formal request process.

If a user with the necessary security role clicks + New in Projects, they will be presented with a project creation form. After filling in all necessary column values, switching the Create switch to Yes will initiate the project creation process.

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  • If the Template selected is not associated with a Content Template (a template with predefined data), the project will be created instantly, and the form will transition to the Project form. When the project is ready to be used, the user that initiated the creation process will receive an email.

  • If the Template selected is associated with a Content Template, the form will not transition to the Project form until the Create Project Flow has completed processing. The user that initiated the project creation process will receive an email when the flow has completed. The duration of the project creation process will depend on the number of child rows (Tasks, Issues, Risks, etc.) present in the Content Template. When the project is ready to be used, the user that initiated the creation process will receive an email.


Script Errors When Creating a Project

In the associated Project Template, ensure there are values in the Approvals Coordinator field and in all of the New Project Defaults fields.