Microsoft Teams Admin Guide

Create a Microsoft Team for a BrightWork 365 Program

Before creating a Microsoft Team for a BrightWork 365 program, check if one has already been created and assigned to the program: 

  1. In the Portfolios > Program section of the Site Map, click in the Statement tab of the relevant program and check the Microsoft Team field to see if there is already a Microsoft Team assigned to the program or if it is blank.

To create a Microsoft Team for a BrightWork 365 Program:

  1. In Microsoft Teams create a Public Microsoft Team 'From scratch'.
  2. Add the Owner of the Solution Flow Get list of Microsoft Teams as a Member of the new Microsoft Team; this is likely the service account used to install the BrightWork 365 solution as noted in our installation instructions.
  3. In the relevant Program go to Program Settings | Update Teams List and switch the slider to Yes.
    Note: This process will run under the account of the Owner of the Solution Flow Get list of Microsoft Teams.
  4. A process will run to populate the Teams table with the Teams that you have access to.
  5. In the Program's Statement section choose the Microsoft Team you created; it may take a minute or so for the Team to be available for choosing.

  • Every time you add a new Program ensure that it points to a Microsoft Team.
  • After attaching a Microsoft Team to a program, child projects of the program will be able to create channels within that same Team.
  • In newer versions of Microsoft Teams, Microsoft retired the ability to load websites inside the Teams client. These website links will open in a new browser tab instead.

Enable the Teams Meeting Option for BrightWork 365 Appointments

  1. Navigate to
  2. Open your environment.
  3. Click Settings > Product > Features.

  4. Turn on the Teams option.

  5. The Teams meeting option will now be available on the BrightWork 365 Appointment form.