Microsoft Teams Admin Guide

Create a Microsoft Team for a BrightWork 365 Program

Before creating a Microsoft Team for a BrightWork 365 program, check if one has already been created and assigned to the program: 

  1. In the Portfolios > Program section of the Site Map, click in the Statement tab of the relevant program and check the Microsoft Team field to see if there is already a Microsoft Team assigned to the program or if it is blank.

To create a Microsoft Team for a BrightWork 365 Program:

  1. In Microsoft Teams create a Public Microsoft Team 'From scratch'.
  2. Add the Owner of the Solution Flow Get list of Microsoft Teams as a Member of the new Microsoft Team; this is likely the service account used to install the BrightWork 365 solution as noted in our installation instructions.
  3. In the relevant Program go to Program Settings | Update Teams List and switch the slider to Yes.
    Note: This process will run under the account of the Owner of the Solution Flow Get list of Microsoft Teams.
  4. A process will run to populate the Teams table with the Teams that you have access to.
  5. In the Program's Statement section choose the Microsoft Team you created; it may take a minute or so for the Team to be available for choosing.

  • Every time you add a new Program ensure that it points to a Microsoft Team.
  • After attaching a Microsoft Team to a program, child projects of the program will be able to create channels within that same Team.

Enable the Teams Meeting Option for BrightWork 365 Appointments

  1. Navigate to
  2. Open your environment.
  3. Click Settings > Product > Features.

  4. Turn on the Teams option.

  5. The Teams meeting option will now be available on the BrightWork 365 Appointment form.