3rd Party Access to BrightWork 365

There are a number of options available to enable 3rd party access to BrightWork 365 content. Determining which of the below might be the most appropriate would likely be for a conversation with your IT admin and depend on the project or 3rd party in question.

  • Your IT admin could invite the user into your Microsoft 365 tenant as a Guest, using their own Microsoft 365 credentials, and given a BrightWork 365 license and the appropriate Dataverse security role in the destination environment. See Add an External Guest User.
  • Your IT admin could choose to give the user an account in your Microsoft 365 tenant, a BrightWork 365 license and security role (to access BrightWork 365), and a Power Apps license (to access the Power Platform). This might be most appropriate where the 3rd party was going to be working full time with you for an extended period of time.
  • You can Publish to web from Power BI.
  • You can share a “non-live” BrightWork 365 project, program or portfolio Status Report or Dashboard with the 3rd party via email, PDF, Excel, etc. If required, you can automate this process using Power Automate workflow.
  • You could give the user access to a Microsoft Teams channel for the project without giving them full access to the BrightWork 365 project.
  • You could share project documents in SharePoint Online (using SharePoint permissions) without giving them access to BrightWork 365 or a Microsoft Teams channel.