Post Upgrade Verification Checklist

It is a recommended best practice to run a set of tests to verify that an upgrade has completed successfully in your environment. This article outlines some initial tests that can be performed to assist with this verification. You can also choose to do additional verification as noted in the Post Installation Verification Checklist article.

All items on the checklist should pass. If any items fail, please check your Power Platform logs for issues and if necessary, contact BrightWork 365 Support.

Confirm All Flows are Turned On

  1. As an Admin user go to the Environment Solutions page.

  2. Click on BrightWork 365.

  3. Select Cloud Flows from the side panel

  1. Verify status of all flows is On.

  2. If any of these are Off, switch them On.

Confirm All Processes are Turned On

  1. Click on Processes in the side panel.

  1. Verify Status of all processes are switched On.

  2. If any of these are Off, switch them On.

  3. Test new functionality works as expected. These tests are specific to what is included in the upgrade.