Portfolios Introduction

Portfolios are the highest parent level within BrightWork 365. Portfolios consist of child programs and all the projects within their respective programs. Your BrightWork 365 environment can have more than one portfolio.

Creating Portfolios

  1. Click into the Portfolios page, and then click + New at the top of the page.

  2. In the Statement screen, fill in all the required fields and click Save.
  3. Set the Indicators to the appropriate values and click Save.

Portfolio Related Items

You can easily view all Programs, Documents, Issues, and Risks that are related to a selected Portfolio by clicking into the associated tabs within the Portfolio record.

Document Management

During the installation of BrightWork 365 a SharePoint site and accompanying document library were created for the environment. A folder for each Portfolio exists in this library.

You can create new Microsoft Office documents or upload existing documents into this library through the Documents section of the Portfolio record.

Status Reports

Portfolio status reports can be created in the Status Reports section.

  • The status report is converted to a docx and added to the document folder associated with the portfolio. 
  • You can also optionally email the Sponsor a copy of the Status Report docx.