Custom BrightWork Forms and v1.6 Upgrade Features

If you have a custom BrightWork v1.5 Request or Project form and would like to use new v1.6 upgrade features (e.g., the new approvals process), this can be accomplished by manually applying your customizations to the new out of the box form. 

Be sure to first read the Customization Notes article before making any customization changes.

  • Below are high-level instructions; detailed information can be found in the Customize Forms article.
  • Contact your Customer Success Partner with any questions or to discuss obtaining consulting assistance.
  1. Customize a new Request Form or Project Form from a copy of the BrightWork 365 v1.6 form using the Save as method described in the Customize Forms article.
  2. Create a new Request Form Template or Project Form Template that references your new custom form.
  3. In the Templates Area, either create a copy of the v1.6 out of the box Request Template or Project Template or create a new template.
  4. Edit the Request Template or Project Template you created to point to your custom form, and if applicable, to your custom Business Process Flow.

Switch v1.5 Projects to the New Project Template

  1. In the Projects Area > Projects table, create a custom view that contains the columns Template, TemplatePoly, and Project Template.
  2. In the table header click Export to Excel > Open in Excel Online.
  3. For the projects that you would like to use the upgraded custom project form, remove the values from the Template and TemplatePoly columns, and in the Project Template column enter the name of your new project template that references your upgraded custom project form.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Track Progress.
  6. The import tracking screen will change the Status Reason field to Completed when the import process is done.
  7. Open the updated projects and test functionality.