Import Project Tasks

  • Users with the BrightWork Team Member security role may import tasks using this method.
  • Tasks will import as a flat list with no parent-child relationships and no dependencies. These can be added in typical fashion after the import.
  • A sample CSV file with the required column headings can be found here.

  • Only import tasks into a project that has an empty Gantt task list.
  • Do not import tasks into a project more than once.

To import tasks into a BrightWork 365 project:

  1. Create a new project without a content template. 
  2. Open the supplied CSV file that contains the required column headings and sample values in the proper format.
  3. Add your tasks in the order that you want them to appear in the Gantt.
  4. Specify the Project Task Type: Use Stage, Task, or Deliverable
  5. Enter Current Start and Current Finish dates (use the correct date format for your environment).
  6. Enter a Duration and enter Days as the Duration Type. 
  7. If you want the task to be a Milestone, specify a Duration of 0 and enter Yes in the Is Milestone cell. 
  8. Enter 1000000 in the first Item Order Decimal cell and 2000000 in the second cell beneath it. Select both cells and drag down to the bottom to increment the numbers, e.g., 1000000, 2000000, 3000000, etc.. 
  9. Enter the Project, Program and Portfolio names exactly as they appear in BrightWork 365. The Project, Program and Portfolio names must be unique in the environment – if they are not unique, the import will fail. 
  10. Save the CSV file. 
  11. Click Projects on the main nav to open a project view. Next you will update the URL of this view to open a project tasks view. 
  12. In your browser URL area, click between bwproject and the &, and click Shift | End on your keyboard to select all the text after bwproject.

  13. Type task and click Return on your keyboard – the end of the URL should now read =bw_projecttask.

  14. Bookmark the project tasks view that opens for future convenience. 
  15. Click Import from Excel | Import from CSV.

  16. Select the CSV file you created and click Next.

  17. Click Allow Duplicates to Yes.

  18. Click Review Mapping.
  19. Click Finish Import
  20. Click Track Progress.

  21. Click OK.

  22. On the tracking page click Refresh until the import has completed. The Successes number should be the same as the Total Processed number.

  23. Navigate to your project and click the Gantt tab. Next you will need to add dates, indent the relevant tasks under their parents, and create dependencies.