Projects - Training Exercises

  1. Plan the Project
  2. Desk Check the Project Plan
  3. Notify the Team of their Responsibilities


  • In the Gantt tab of a Project Structured type project, create Stages using the same names as those found in the project's Business Process Flow. [Topic info]
  • Create several indented child tasks under each of the Stages. [Topic info]
  • Change the durations of the tasks. [Topic info]
  • Create dependencies between all of the tasks. [Topic info]
  • Assign yourself to each of the tasks. [Topic info]
  • Create several risks in the project's Risks tab and assign them to yourself. [Topic info]


  • Baseline the Gantt schedule. [Topic info]
  • Create a Microsoft Teams Channel for a project. [Topic info]
  • In the Status tab, change the field values. [Topic info]
  • In the Status Reports tab, create a draft status report. [Topic info]