Non-Working Days



To enable project schedules to accurately reflect the organization's work practices, and to provide additional flexible scheduling options, users with the BrightWork PMO Manager or System Administrator security role have the ability to set and update solution-wide Non-Working Days (e.g., holidays) using the Admin Area > Non-Working Days link. These settings will adjust project schedules accordingly. Non-Working Days will format differently in the Gantt chart for easy identification.

 Non-Working Days affects all projects. This includes open projects, closed projects, future projects, as well as completed tasks within projects. We strongly recommend not adding older historic Non-Working Days because of the impact on all projects and tasks.

Configure Non-Working Days

  1. Navigate to the Admin Area
  2. Click Non-Working Days in the main nav.
  3. Click + New to create a new Non-Working Day; the new record form will open. 
  4. Input a Name, Start Date and Finish Date.
  5. Click Save or Save & Close from the toolbar menu.

Calendar View

Non-Working Days can be displayed in a calendar view.

Users can set the Month display default in their Personal Options (BrightWork 365 app settings gear > Personalization Settings > Activities > Default view > Default Calendar).

Non-Working Days can be imported using the Excel Online feature.