Request Form Details

This article applies to BrightWork 365 v1.6 and later. For earlier versions see this category.

Request Tabs

Request Details

The Request Details tab contains fields relevant to moving the request process forward as well as fields that will be copied over to the related new project that eventually gets created. 

After the Requestor clicks the Submit switch on the Request Details tab, an email with request details will be sent to the Request Submitter, Approvals Coordinator and the nominated Approvers.

Project Details

The Project Details tab in Requests will be visible for users given the BrightWork Team Member security role.

The values for the following fields in Project Details can be specified in the Project Template and will automatically populate the corresponding columns in the Project Details tab of new Requests:

  • Content Template
  • Portfolio
  • Program
  • Project Manager
  • Project Sponsor
  • Project Type


The Approvals tab in Requests will be visible for users given the BrightWork Approvals Coordinator security role.

Business Process Flow Stages are used to control the number of stages and the stage names in the approval sections of the Approvals tab. The default settings are controlled by the configuration that is set in Templates Area | Request Templates

Approvals Coordinator

The Approvals Coordinator helps to keep the approval process moving along. The Approvals Coordinator field is a lookup field and security role. This user must be given the BrightWork Approvals Coordinator security role in addition to being selected as the Approvals Coordinator in the Request Template. 

The Approvals Coordinator does not make approval decisions; all stage approvals are done by the nominated Approvers. The Approvals Coordinator also does not move the process from one stage to the next via the Business Process Flow; this must be done via approvals completed by the nominated Approvers.

The Approvals Coordinator will be sent approval related notifications.

Create Project

The Create Project toggle button will appear in the Approvals tab of a request that has been configured to not auto create projects. The Approvals Coordinator can toggle the button to create a project when the button becomes enabled. 

Approval Start

If Approval Start is set to Automatic, the approval process starts as soon as the previous approval gets approved.

If Approval Start is set to Manual, the Approvals Coordinator gets notified that they have an approval to manually start after the previous approval gets approved, and the Start Approval button on the Approvals tab will become enabled.


The History tab displays a history of the approvals process.