User Activity Audit

In order to determine app activity for any given user, follow these steps: 

  1. Navigate to 
  2. Click the BrightWork 365 Environment. 

  3. Click Settings. 

  4. Expand Audit and logs and click Audit settings. 
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  5. Select Start Auditing and Log access, and if presented with a retention period, select a retention period (we recommend 365 days). 

  6. Click Save. 
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  7.  In Settings, click Audit summary view. image
  8. This brings you to a view that provides a global view of audit history. To focus on user access, click Enable/Disable Filters and select Access from the Operation column.

  9. The view includes system items that you can temporarily filter out by clicking Enable/Disable Filters and then Filter by specific Changed By.


  10. Select the BrightWork Users view, select all relevant users, and click Add.

  11. You will then be presented with a view of all the activity carried out by licensed BrightWork 365 users. You can filter on Operations for greater granularity.