Document Management

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Documents in BrightWork 365 are stored in your SharePoint Online site. During the installation of BrightWork 365 the SharePoint site and accompanying document library were created for the environment. A folder in this document library will get created for every new project. With appropriate permissions you can view all the folders directly in the environment's SharePoint Online site.

You can create new Microsoft Office documents or upload existing documents into this library through the Documents tab of a record.

Documents larger than 50 MB will need to be uploaded directly to the associated SharePoint Online site instead of the Documents section of the record. To upload these documents:

  1. Go to the record's Documents tab and use the drop-down in Document Location to click on Documents on Default Site. You will be taken to the associated SharePoint Online location.
  2. Choose Upload to upload the file. The file will upload even if it is larger than 50 MB.

Related Documents

You can also view a record's documents by clicking Related | Documents in the menu bar.