Configure Templates

Configure Templates Overview
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Access BrightWork 365 Templates

Templates can be accessed by clicking into Admin Area | Templates and then selecting a template name.

Template Configuration

Any configuration changes you make to a template will immediately be reflected in any projects that were previously created from the template.


The Details screen displays template overview information. If the template includes content from a previously created Content Template, the related Content Template will be noted. You can also view the number of Projects and Content Templates that use the selected template by clicking the calculate icon and then the Recalculate button.

Further down on the Details screen you can view the forms that are currently associated with the template, and by extension future projects that will be created from the template as well as any projects that were previously created from the template.

The Details screen allows you to configure the template to be available for use to create new projects in the Requests Area and/or the Projects Area for users who have permission to create projects.

The Details screen also allows configuration of Request Reference Type and Project Reference Type:

  • If the Reference Type is set to Manual, the hidden Request Number and Project Number columns appear on the request and/or project forms. The text entered into this column takes the place of the standard Autonumber column. When a project is created from a request, the Request Number is passed to the Project Number column. 
  • If the Reference Type is set to Automated, the standard Autonumber column is displayed. The Autonumber reference column takes the form of Req-001121 or Proj-001121.
  • Note: The Autonumber reference is always applied and incremented in a request or a project, regardless of the option selected in the Template. New Content Templates will also increment the number. 
  • If the Reference Type changes in the template, a flow will run to update the Reference Type in the Requests and Projects that use the template.
  • If the template changes in a request or a project, a workflow will run to update the Reference Type.


The Projects tab provides information about the projects that were created from the selected template.

Content Templates

The Content Templates tab displays any content templates that use the selected template.

Create a Project Template from Scratch

Only users with the PMO Manager or Template Editor security role can create templates.

  1. Use the Area Switcher at the bottom of the screen to switch into the Admin Area, and then click into Templates.

  2. Click + New and fill out the New Template form.
    Note: The Content Template lookup field provides the option to choose an existing Content Template as a basis for the new template. See related section below.

  3. Save & Close the form. You now have a new template that you can configure and add content to.

Create a Template from a Copy of Another Template

  1. Use the Area Switcher at the bottom of the screen to switch into the Admin Area, and then click into Templates.

  2. Click into an existing template and click the Create Copy button.

  3. The Create Copy button triggers the Copy Template flow. This creates an exact copy of the template with the time of creation added to the template name to keep the template name unique.

Create a Content Template from a Project Site

You also have the option to create a template from a project site that will include the content from that project - these templates are called Content Templates. The content copied over to the template will include content from Stages, Deliverables, Tasks, Issues and Risks.

  1. In the project's Project Settings section, set the Copy to New Content Template slider to Yes, and click Save.

    You will find the new template in the Content Templates view in the Projects Area once the associated workflow has run.

  2. To create a new template from the content template that can be used to create new projects, continue with the instructions above in the section Create a Template from Scratch.

If you delete a content template from the Projects Area, the content template will also be removed from any templates that are referencing it.