Create a Content Template

Create a Content Template from an Existing Project

Users have the option to create a special type of template from an existing project that will include the content from that project - these templates are called Content Templates. The content copied over to the template will include content from the tabs Stages, Deliverables, Tasks, Issues, Risks, and Project Settings. This is a great way to give your project colleagues a head start creating projects using best practice templates from other similar projects.

  1. In the project's Project Settings section, set the Copy to New Content Template slider to Yes, and click Save.

    You will find the new template in the Content Templates view in the Projects Area once the associated workflow has run. When the content template is ready to be used, the user that initiated the creation process will receive an email.
  2. The content template itself will not be used to create new projects - new projects will need to be created from a Project Template that is associated with the Content Template. To create the new project template that can then be used to create new projects, continue with the instructions for creating templates in the template configuration article.

Although Content Templates will include any custom Form Tabs, Sections, and Columns, data from these custom elements will not be passed on to any newly created projects that are associated with the Content Template. 

If you delete a content template from the Projects section of the Projects Area, the content template will also be removed from any templates that are referencing it.