Benefits of Moving to Current Project Forms


If your organization is still creating projects using an older project form, we encourage you to work with your Customer Success Partner to plan the move to the corresponding new project form, along with any customizations you may have implemented. Your Customer Success Partner can help to estimate the time and cost for BrightWork to assist with this transition.

Benefits of Moving to Current Project Forms

  • Your organization will automatically benefit from any new out of the box form updates and features incorporated into future BrightWork 365 form-related upgrades, once configured correctly using best practice guidelines.
  • There will no longer be a need to spend effort to implement new out of the box features into your older custom forms with each new form related upgrade.
  • Your existing customizations can be implemented in the new form so you will not lose any benefit you've been deriving from prior customizations, and additional future customizations can be added to the new form.

Determine if you are Using a Deprecated Project Form

  1. Enter the Templates Area.
  2. Click Project Templates on the main nav.
  3. Click into any of your Project Templates.
  4. Click on the hyperlinked name in the Form Template field.
  5. Compare the value of your Form GUID to the out of the box values listed below. 
  6. If there is no match with any of the Form GUID values listed below, you are most likely using a deprecated Project Form (if uncertain, you can confirm with your Customer Succes Partner).

Out of the Box Form GUIDS

  • d8d796f5-4576-ed11-81aa-0022480bbf3e
  • a3835eac-e490-ed11-aad1-000d3a34e82d
  • 898d7c0b-e690-ed11-aad1-000d3a34eb2e