BrightWork 365 Solution Services

In addition to the Support service and Project Management Success Review (see agenda below) that are part of the BrightWork 365 subscription, the following solution services are designed to help you get immediate value from BrightWork 365.

Start Service

Accelerate your initial project management deployment with the BrightWork 365 Start Service to get immediate standardization and visibility across all your projects, so you can achieve control over your entire project portfolio.  

Your dedicated BrightWork 365 Customer Success Partner will collaborate with your team to Design, Deliver, and Deploy your Project Portfolio Management solution on the Microsoft 365 platform and deliver the first version of your Project Portfolio Management Success Strategy.

Evolve Service

The BrightWork Evolve Service leverages the Microsoft 365 platform to help your Project Portfolio Management evolve by gradually adding and maturing your project management workflows, processes, and practices, leading to more timely, predictable, and successful project outcomes.

BrightWork 365 Product Training Course

Get trained to manage a Project and Program environment using BrightWork 365.

BrightWork 365 Solution Upgrade

Ensure your team continues to leverage new features in every new release of BrightWork 365. Upgrading your BrightWork 365 solution to the latest version allows you to leverage these new features and improvements.

Project Management Coaching

Learn Project Management best practices following our 4-step GROW model.

Personal and Collaborative Leadership Training

Develop the leadership skills and insights needed for efficient project and team management.

Augment Service

The BrightWork 365 Augment Service is a project management advisory service with one or more Customer Success Partners dedicated to you full-time, to help you leverage your Microsoft 365 environment to establish a project management model that can be shared with other groups within your organization. This will empower your organization with a clear project management success strategy and practices to achieve a high level of project management adoption and project management success sooner.

Project Management Success Review

The Project Management Success Review is a collaborative meeting to address your immediate BrightWork 365 or project management process needs, and review and update your Project Portfolio Management Success Strategy devised to deliver on your long-term project management goals. 

Agenda (1 hour duration)

  1. Immediate Needs
    • We start by addressing your immediate needs. This is your time to ask any top-of-mind questions, bring any current issues to the table, or simply ask for a quick how-to. 
    • We make sure you are confident using and navigating through your BrightWork 365 Project Portfolio Management tool.
  2. Current State 
    • At this stage, a walkthrough of the recent activities helps us to understand how you are currently managing your projects and activities. 
    • We review your Desired Outcomes and Value received 
    • We review the Current Deployment plan and Project Team assignments to ensure they are accurate and up to date. 
    • We also review your BrightWork Support status on recently completed and open support requests.
  3. Desired State 
    • Here, we discuss your desired state for your project management processes. This is to help you plan and document your project management vision, goals, and priorities for your teams/organization. 
    • Together, we decide and document on a project management evolution strategy and work out the steps to put it in motion. 
    • We review the BrightWork 365 Project Management Assistance services available to you. 
  4. BrightWork 365 Product Roadmap 
    • We talk about what's coming in the next release of BrightWork 365... 
    • We will discuss your Upgrade path and how we can assist you in getting on the latest release.