BrightWork 365 Services

BrightWork 365 Start Service

The BrightWork 365 Start Service combines our best-practice templates and a proven 3D Deployment (Design, Deliver, Deploy) approach to accelerate the deployment of project and portfolio management in your organization using Microsoft 365. For additional information see the service page on our website.

BrightWork 365 Evolve Service

The BrightWork 365 Evolve Service helps your organization continuously improve your implementation of the product and related processes for managing project requests, projects, and portfolios. The service additionally provides the opportunity to have people new to BrightWork 365, and potentially new to project management generally, trained in the smooth operation of project and portfolio management on the platform. For additional information see the service page on our website.

BrightWork 365 Enterprise Service

The BrightWork 365 Enterprise Service provides Project Management Advisory as a Service to any group that wants to do project management in a standardized way using BrightWork 365 as a solution platform. This service will help your organization achieve the goal of reaching a higher level of Project Management Adoption and Project Management Success.


Challenge (Why)

You want groups within your organization that do project management to follow the same process and procedures and to manage projects in the same consistent manner. You would like to provide an opportunity for groups to “Opt-in” to the process rather than have it mandated from the top.

Deliverables (What)

Your dedicated BrightWork 365 Customer Success Partner will work with a core group to establish the Project Management Model you will deploy to other groups within your organization. Templates will be established in the BrightWork 365 solution and shared with each group to guide them through your organization’s Project Management processes.

Methodology (How)

For each group that requests to use BrightWork 365, your dedicated BrightWork 365 Customer Success Partner will conduct a simple Start 3D deployment consisting of four simple and standard steps.

  1. Apply (Sign Up)
  2. Analyse (Set Goals)
  3. Aim (Configure)
  4. Automate (Go Live)

Audience (Who)

Your BrightWork Customer Success Partner will work with the project management Champion from each core group as the main point of contact. They will work together during these sessions with the option to include group team members and additional stakeholders as necessary.

Effort and Duration (When)

This process will occur over 1 to 3 weeks, using 8 to 16 hours of consultancy.

Follow-up (What Next) 

Future requirement backlog ideas will be added to your custom Evolve plan for each group.

Get Started

Contact your dedicated Customer Success Partner or to learn how to get questions answered and to get started.