Power BI Dashboards

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Intro to BrightWork 365 Power BI Dashboards

In order to use BrightWork 365 Power BI Dashboards, users must have a Microsoft 

Power BI Pro license or E5/G5 plan (which includes PBI), and at least Viewer permission for the relevant Power BI workspace.

BrightWork 365 and the Microsoft Power BI business analytics tool provide exceptional data visualization functionality. 

To view Power BI dashboards, click into the Home section of the Site Map > Dashboards, and use the Dashboard drop-down to choose the desired Power BI dashboard. Power BI dashboards are differentiated from Power Apps Charts in the drop-down by having the words "Power BI" in their titles.

Additional Power BI reports can be added as desired through customization (contact your Customer Success Partner for more information).

Navigating Power BI Dashboards

The Power BI dashboards include detailed interactive reports related to various elements of the system including Portfolios, Programs, Templates, Projects, and Project Managers. The reports can be filtered to further narrow down the returned results either by using Ctrl-Click to choose several chart objects or the checkboxes within an object, or with the Filters configuration options on the side of the screen.

To expand all report list groupings, right-click on the grouped column (e.g., Project) and click Expand to next level.

To collapse all report list groupings, right-click on the grouped column (e.g., Project) and click Drill up.

Along the bottom of the dashboard screen there are tabs for additional report focus options including Portfolio, Projects, Tasks, Work, My Work, and Project Documents.

The Project Documents tab provides a report that displays documents from across your projects and includes links for easy access. The report includes documents from:

  • Project Requests
  • Project Tasks, Issues and Risks
  • Project Actions and Costs

You can view the Last Refresh time of reports at the bottom of report pages. BrightWork does not force refreshes after data changes, the refreshes will occur on the schedule your administrator configures in your organization's Power BI admin settings.

BrightWork 365 Power BI Work Reports

With the pairing of BrightWork 365 and Microsoft Power BI, there are many resource related report options available for your team to review and analyze. Two main areas for resource reports are the Work and My Work reports. As with other Power BI reports, the work reports are interactive and details can be zoomed into by clicking into the various chart regions.

As referenced in the Install Guide, in order for the My Work Power BI reports to function properly for a user they must be added to the Power BI Workspace with Viewer access (Admin access will display work for all users, not just for themselves), and to the user security group for the report dataset.

Open in Power BI Service

Microsoft Open in Power BI Service offers additional options to interact with BrightWork 365 reports. Users can conveniently access the service by clicking Open in Power BI on a BrightWork 365 Power BI dashboard page. 

After navigating to the Power BI page, users are presented with menu options along the top of the web page including File (Print, Embed), Export (PDF, PowerPoint), Share (Copy link, Mail, Teams), and Chat in Teams.

For more information see Customize Power BI Dashboards and these Microsoft resources: