3D Key Principles with Sample Agenda

BrightWork Start - The 3D Key Principles

  1. Design - using collaborative project management best practices  

  2. Deliver - starting with configurable templates  

  3. Deploy - with on demand and as needed training  

Design - Using Best Practices 


Your designated and experienced BrightWork Customer Success Partner will work with your senior project management sponsors to capture your organization’s project management vision, both short and long term. In this step, your BrightWork 365 Customer Success Partner will catalog the desired outcomes and expected value, and with you will rank them in order of importance.

Evolve Plan

Together we prioritize your requirements to determine which ones to include in Start (Iteration 1) and what should go in the Backlog (for future implementation), or what we like to call your Evolve Plan. In this Evolve Plan, we will specify any risks or issues which may affect this iteration and together we will make any accommodations necessary.


The BrightWork 365 Start Service provides for the design of project templates to manage two different project types and Program and Portfolio templates to deliver on senior management level visibility.  

Deliver - With Configurable Templates


Your BrightWork 365 Customer Success Partner will work with you to configure the templates and build out the first sample or real projects for your team, so you can learn on the job.

Review Templates

Your BrightWork 365 Customer Success Partner will work with you to assist key stakeholders review and verify the template design before continuing. This ensures the amount of project management process to be implemented is right for your current needs. 


Your BrightWork 365 Customer Success Partner will prioritize feedback with you from your key stakeholders to determine which items are be adjusted immediately, and which can be added to the Backlog for the subsequent Evolve plan stages.  

Deploy - With Training 


Your BrightWork 365 Customer Success Partner will work with you to design a role-based training plan that suits your project management processes so your group can start using the solution as soon as possible. 


At this stage you go live and start using BrightWork 365! Your Customer Success Partner will conduct feedback sessions with you and your teams after some initial usage to determine if some items need to be adjusted immediately and to agree with you what should go on the Backlog (for the Evolve plan). 


You and your BrightWork 365 Customer Success Partner will check and formally declare all in-scope 'Start' deliverables achieved and will update the Project Management Strategy that guides project management success. Your BrightWork 365 Customer Success Partner will do a post-deployment check a few months hence.

How Long Does Deployment Typically Take?

An iteration may take between 4 and 12 weeks. Factors that influence duration are:

  • Project Management in use today versus what will be implemented.
  • Infrastructure readiness.
  • Speed of process/management level decisions.
  • Resource availability and skill levels.
  • External and organizational constraints.

It’s typically preferable to take on less rather than more in the first iteration.