Global Settings


Project Management Introduction

To enable project schedules to accurately reflect the organization's work practices, users with the BrightWork PMO Manager or System Administrator security role have the ability to set and update global calendar settings (i.e., Working Week) for all projects from the Admin Area > Global Settings link.

The Global Settings record is created with a default working week of Monday to Friday.

  • Global Settings affects all projects. If the settings are changed, the schedule of projects will update accordingly once they are opened and the Gantt tab is clicked. This includes open projects, closed projects, and all completed tasks within projects.
  • If changes are made to Working Week values, in order for the Program and Portfolio Status dates of existing projects to be updated correctly, the user must open the Gantt tab of those projects.
  • Days that are not part of the Working Week will be formatted differently in the Gantt chart for easy identification.

Flexible Scheduling Options

Your organization has several options available with regard to project scheduling due to the interplay between the Global Settings described in this article, global Non-Working Days, and the Schedule Settings present at the project level. Examples of the available options are:

  • Leave the Global Settings with the default Working Week configuration of Monday - Friday, configure solution-wide Non-Working Days, and then override these settings at the individual project level as needed with a configuration that makes sense for each project using Schedule Settings.
  • Implement an entirely top-down approach using organization-wide Global Settings and configured Non-Working Days to implement solution-wide settings that apply to all projects.

Configure Global Settings

To configure the global Working Week to something other than the default Monday - Friday, a user with the BrightWork PMO Manager or System Admin security role can follow these instructions:

  1. Click into the Admin Area.
  2. Click Global Settings.
  3. Click Working Week to open the drop-down menu.
  4. Use the checkbox options to include specific days as work days.
  5. Click Save or Save and Close on the toolbar menu.