Customize Tables

Be sure to first read the Customization Recommendations article.


Tables are where BrightWork 365 data is stored. Tables have a list of ‘sub-components’:

  • Columns: It is safe to edit column titles. Calculated and rollup columns should not be edited. There is a large selection of different types of columns available for use in tables.
  • Relationships: Do not make any edits to Relationships.
  • Business Rules: See the Business Rules article for more details.
  • Forms: See the Forms article for details.
  • Dashboards: None supplied out of the box.
  • Keys: Do not make any edits to Keys.

NOTE: If you delete a table, you delete both the table definition and all data that the table contains. Tables and the data within them cannot be recovered if deleted.

Create a New Table

  1. In the unmanaged solution in your dev environment that you use for customizations:
    1. In the Power Apps solution editor click + New | Table.
  2. Add any required new columns to your new table.
  3. Save and Publish.

For more information see this Microsoft Tables article.