Project Status Reporting

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For BrightWork 365 versions older than v1.6 see Prior Release Articles.


The Status tab displays current metrics and KPIs about the project.

The Schedule date values will automatically populate based on work item dates, and the values for Project Status, % Complete (Percent Complete), and other KPIs are manually set by the project manager. 

The Health KPI can either be set manually by a user with appropriate privileges, or automatically by the system. If set automatically, the KPI color will match whatever is the "worst" color value among the other KPIs (Yellow is worse than Green and Red is worse than Yellow); any manual changes made to the KPI will not be saved permanently.

To toggle the automatic Health KPI setting on and off, in Project Settings use the Set Health Automatically switch.

Status Reports

In the Status Reports tab a snapshot record of the current status information can be saved, and the history of previously created status reports can be viewed. 

Saved status reports will be added to the list of any previously created status reports. The status report data is stored within your Microsoft 365 Dataverse. 

To create a new status report snapshot:

  1. In the Status Reports tab click the ellipses and + New Status Report
  2. Fill in all relevant columns. 
  3. To save the status report:
    1. To save a draft: Click Save or Save and Close in the ribbon.
    2. To save a final version of the status report set Complete Status Report to Yes.

When you first set Email Report to Sponsor to Yes, and then set Complete Status Report to Yes (in that order), an HTML report will be emailed to the Sponsor, the Project Manager and the person that set the report to the completed status. The email will be sent from the account that was used to install BrightWork 365.

Status related icons may fail to load in older versions of the Outlook desktop client.