Training Introduction


This training guide can be used as an introductory roadmap for how to use BrightWork 365 to manage projects and portfolios on the Microsoft Power Platform. This content is intended to give a first-time user a tour of what it is like to use BrightWork 365 as a BrightWork Champion, Project Requester, Project Manager, Team Member and Senior Executive, following the usual lifecycle of a project. Detailed training for these key user types served by BrightWork 365 is available in the ‘Role-Based Guides’ in this Knowledge Base section, and training on project template setup and adjustments can be found in the Customization section of the Knowledge Base.

Extensive training can also be obtained through our various BrightWork 365 service offerings. See the Deployment section of this Knowledge Base for additional information.

BrightWork 365 Basics

Prior to moving on to the subsequent training guides we recommend completing a review of our Basic Orientation articles. This content will provide you with the fundamental knowledge to help ease your way into the subsequent training guides.