Archive or Delete a Project

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For BrightWork 365 versions older than v1.7 see Prior Release Articles.

Archive a Project

When it is no longer necessary for a project to be in Active status, for example because it is deferred or closed, it can be archived and put into Read-only mode. Archiving is usually preferred over deletion of a project because deleted projects cannot be recovered. Only users with the BrightWork PMO Manager security role can delete projects.

  1. While in a project record click Deactivate.
  2. Click Deactivate to confirm the deactivation request.
  3. You can re-activate a project by entering the project record and clicking Activate.

Delete a Project

Deleted projects are permanently removed and cannot be recovered.

Remove Work Assignments

In order for a project to be deleted, there cannot be any work assignments present in the project. A relatively quick way to achieve this is via the My Work link in the Main Nav (the assignments will be permanently deleted):

  1. Click on My Work on the main nav.
  2. Change the view to All Work.
  3. Filter the Project column to the relevant project.
  4. Select all the assignment rows and click Delete at the top of the screen.

Delete a Project

To delete a project permanently:

  1. Click into the project and click Delete at the top of the screen.

After the project is deleted, you may see "Record not found" messages displayed on the screen; these messages can be safely ignored.