Requests - Training Exercises

  1. Get the Project Approved, Sponsored, and Resourced 
  2. Decide a Project Management Process 
  3. Create a Collaborative Project Site


  • Get a project approved, sponsored, and resourced. [Topic info]
  • Click the main nav Requests link. [Topic info]
  • Choose the My Requests view to see the current status of your requests. [Topic info]
  • Manually create a collaborative project site using the Project Structured project template. [Topic info]


  • Select your project request to view the active stage of the request, i.e., Draft, Accepted, Approved. [Topic info]
  • Add text to the Additional Approval Email Text field in a request (requires the BrightWork Approvals Coordinator security role). [Topic info]
  • Create a Request template, either as a copy of an existing Request template or a new one, with yourself or a colleague as the Approver and submit a request using it. [Topic info]