Level 1: BrightWork 365 Basic Orientation


What is BrightWork 365?
Built on Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Power Platform, BrightWork 365 is a flexible, complete project and portfolio management solution.
Technologies Used
BrightWork 365 ties together several solutions, including those in your instance of Microsoft 365, allowing you to fully leverage your investment in this powerful platform.
Navigating BrightWork 365
This article will help you understand the main navigation elements of the BrightWork 365 interface.
Projects Area Components
The high-level structure of BrightWork 365 consists of the areas Requests, Projects, and Portfolios.
Starter Project Templates
For BrightWork 365 versions older than v1.7 see Prior Release Articles . Templates that are associated with a Content Template will be prepopulated with project data. User entered dates will be saved as time zone independent UTC dates, ...
What is a BrightWork Customer Success Partner?
A BrightWork Customer Success Partner is not just a team member; they are your dedicated partner in achieving project management success. With their extensive knowledge of project management processes, best practices, and templates that harness th...
Pricing and FAQs