Team Member Training

Who is this Guide for?

This guide is aimed mainly at team members; however, any member of the organization who will be using BrightWork 365 and is new to the Power Platform will also benefit from this guide.


We suggest you first review the BrightWork 365 Basic Orientation content to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of the solution. 

To obtain maximum benefit from this training material it's advised that a project manager assign some work items to you in a project you have access to. Confirm with your project manager that this has been completed before continuing with this training.


This Team Member training guide will help you learn how to use BrightWork to effectively manage your work.  The training guide will teach you BrightWork 365 basics, how to find your work and how to manage work and documents.

BrightWork 365 is a Microsoft Power Platform solution for managing work and projects of varying sizes and types. BrightWork 365 includes a set of best practice project management templates, fields and dashboards that mimic the reality of the varying degrees of work and project management found in most organizations today.

Find Your Training Project

To find the project site with your assigned work, you can either click on a direct link provided by your project manager or navigate to the project in the Projects Area of BrightWork 365.

Find Assigned Work

There are various ways you can find work assigned to you in BrightWork 365. If you are used to a project management environment where work is assigned and managed via email, you will know that keeping track of this work can be inefficient. BrightWork makes process easy and efficient by providing several ways to find your assigned work.

My Work Views

The My Work views, available from a link on the Projects Area navigation, are reports that display and link to all the work items owned by, or assigned to, the logged in user (i.e., you). For added convenience the view can display work items from multiple types in a single view.

To access this view, click My Work Reports on the navigation of the Projects Area.

The initial view My Work + provides a link to the associated project site in addition to specific work related information.

The alternate view My Work provides only specific work related information. To access this view as well as other available views, click on the view drop-down.

If you'd like to narrow down your search to only issues or risks assigned to you, click on the desired option in the navigation and switch the view to one of the "My" views.

You can also choose to create your own personal view of work assigned to you.

For more information beyond what's in this Getting Started section, see our project related articles and videos.