Project Manager Training

Who is this Guide for?

This guide is primarily aimed at Project Managers who will be using BrightWork 365 to manage projects; however, this guide will also be useful for any member of the organization who will be using BrightWork 365 extensively or will be customizing and configuring BrightWork 365.


We recommend first familiarizing yourself with the various components of the BrightWork 365 solution:

Create the Portfolio and Program Structure

In order to submit project requests and manage projects in BrightWork 365, you'll first need to create at least one Portfolio and one Program. Once this initial structure is in place you can move on to setting up your first project:

Create a Portfolio

Create a Program

Deep Dive - Portfolios & Programs

Create & Manage a Project

Submit a New Project Request

For more information beyond what is in this Getting Started section, see the Requests knowledge base category.

The BrightWork 365 project management process typically begins in the Requests Area. Here you can choose from different project templates for an efficient and consistent way to create a new project. 

  • Create and submit a new request by clicking into the Requests Area in the Main Nav, and then + New. Fill in the necessary fields including the selection of a BrightWork 365 template to choose as the foundation from which to base your new project. You'll need to either choose an existing program that this project should be attached to, or create a new program during the request process (appropriate user permission required).

Deep Dive - Manage a Project

For more information beyond what's in this Getting Started section, see the Projects knowledge base category.

After your new project is created click into the Projects Area in the Main Nav to see a list report of all projects. Click on your project link and its various tabs to display project information and to make any necessary updates as the project flows through its lifecycle. 


After your project is created you will find Charter columns available for you to add high level details about the project, beyond what was included in the project request form. 

Project Tasks - Gantt Chart

Click into the Gantt tab and update any tasks that were included as part of the template the project was based on and add new tasks you and the team decide should be included in the project.

As you assign tasks to colleagues the Team section of the project will automatically populate, and will automatically include associated task dates:

After the project team agrees on the task structure and dates, lock-in the schedule by baselining it - choose Yes for Reset Target Dates in all Project Tasks.

Project Documents

In the Documents section you have the option to create a new Microsoft Office document, or upload external documents to the project's associated SharePoint library as deliverables get drafted.

Create a Microsoft Teams Channel

It's a best practice to create a Microsoft Team for every program (see below), and to create a Team Channel in Project Settings for every project in the program.

See the Microsoft Teams article for more details about configuring Microsoft Teams integration.

View Reports

Portfolio Reports

In the Portfolios Area of BrightWork 365 you can check on the health and status of Portfolios, Programs, and all assigned work.

For a detailed explanation of the Portfolios Area see Portfolios.

Power BI Dashboard Reports

Power BI dashboard reports allow for interactive analysis of critical project and portfolio data.

See the Dashboard article for more details.

For more information beyond what's in this Getting Started section, see our project related articles and videos.