Project Requester Training

Who is this Guide for?

This guide is aimed at members of your organization who will be using BrightWork 365 to submit requests for projects to be created through the project request process.


We recommend first familiarizing yourself with the various components of the BrightWork 365 solution:

Submit a New Project Request

The BrightWork 365 project management process typically begins in the Requests Area. Here you can choose from different project templates for an efficient and consistent way to create a new project. 

  • Create and submit a new request by clicking into the Requests Area in the Main Nav, and then + New. Fill in the necessary fields including the selection of a BrightWork 365 template to choose as the foundation from which to base your new project. You'll need to either choose an existing program that this project should be attached to, or create a new program during the request process (appropriate user permission required).

Note: Users who only have the BrightWork Request Submitter security role will only see the Requests Area and not the other areas of the full app such as Projects and Portfolios.

For more information beyond what's in this Getting Started section, see our Request related articles and videos