Approver Review and Project Creation

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Approver Review and Project Creation

After the project request has been accepted by the Receiver, the Receiver will complete filling in the remaining Project Details fields, including the Approvers field; the Approvers field does a lookup to the Senior Managers list in the Admin Area. For relevant approval stage processes, when all fields have required values, the Send for Approval switch will be enabled so it can be switched to Yes.

The Approver(s) will receive an email requesting an approval decision. 

If there are multiple Approvers listed in the project request, all must approve the request before it is settled as Approved.

If the request is fully approved, the request form will be updated accordingly, and an email will be sent to all relevant users. A project will then automatically get created and will be based on the associated requested template. 

If a Content Template is associated with the chosen Project Template, the duration of the project creation process will depend on the number of child rows (Tasks, Issues, Risks, etc.) present in the project that is getting created.

The Project Request "Approval Date" value uses a time zone independent UTC date; the same date value will be displayed for all users irrespective of time zone.