Under a Minute: Configure a Personal View

Video has been removed from this PDF. Visit the BrightWork 365 knowledge base to view.

Configure a Personal View

  1. Within the area of interest (e.g., Requests, Projects, Portfolios), go to the top of the screen and click on More Commands which appears as an ellipsis button, and then click Create view.
  2. In the personal view configuration screen click Edit Columns.
  3. Click Add Columns and choose the columns you'd like to display in your view.
  4. After adding a column, you can change its horizontal order by selecting the column and moving it with the positioning arrows.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Save the view with your preferred name and close the view configuration window to return to the app.

Create a Temporary Personal View

There are times when instead of creating a reusable "permanent" personal view you'd rather create a one-off temporary view. This temporary view will disappear after the page is refreshed.

  1. In the area of interest click on the Column options icon.
  2. Click + Add columns.
  3. Choose the columns you'd like to add to the temporary view and click Close.
  4. Click Apply and your temporary view will be displayed on the screen.