Request a Project

The project management lifecycle will typically begin in the BrightWork 365 Requests area, where a Requestor submits an idea for a new project along with details needed for an approval decision. Through workflows, notifications and reports, the request process affords users an efficient method for starting the project management process.
Note: The request process and forms are different for users with different security roles.

The Request process begins with the Requestor filling in the Request form.

  1. Click into the Requests area, and + New.
  2. A preliminary form displays where a project title is entered, and a template from which to create the project is chosen.
    Note: Do not use any of the following characters in the Title field as these are forbidden characters for the names of SharePoint folders that will automatically get created as part of this process: ":", "*", "<", ">", "?", "|"

    BrightWork ships with three templates out of the box: Project Standard, New Product Introduction, and Product Update. For template details see Templates Overview.

    The selected template defines:
    • The forms used in the request.
    • The number of approval stages in the request. See Request Approval Stages.
    • The Business Process Flow (BPF) to apply to the project. The BPF is the process map at the top of the form. 
    • The forms to apply to the project. The form is all the columns and tabs used to display information about the project.
    • The Content Template that will be used to create the project, if one is specified in the template. Content Templates include content (i.e. stages, deliverables, tasks, issues, risks) copied in from another project.
  3. A form related to the chosen template type will then display for additional details to be entered. The Requestor fills in the request fields (and adds documents if desired) in order to activate the request Submit switch.
  4. After the Requestor clicks the Submit switch, the value will change to Yes. Save and Close the request, and an email with request details will be sent to whomever has been configured as the request Receiver, and the approval process will begin.

A Requestor can only see their own requests unless they have elevated privileges.

Requests App

In addition to the full BrightWork 365 app, organizations have the option to also install the Requests app. The Requests app provides BrightWork 365 free users that have the BrightWork Request Submitter role a means with which to log requests outside of the full BrightWork 365 app. Users of this app will have access to much of the same functionality as found in the Requests Area of the full BrightWork 365 app for paid users, however they will not have access to the Projects Area or Portfolios Area of the full application.