Release 1.2.1

New Features and Other Updates

Copy Custom Request Columns to Projects

BrightWork 365 is now able to copy data from custom columns in a project request form to projects created from the request. New flow Copy Custom Request Columns to Project with data mapping functionality has been added to the BrightWork 365 solution. See the related article for customization instructions.

New Multiline Text Request Column "Target Customers"

We have added new multiline text column Target Customers to the Request template New Product Introduction. The older single line of text column Target Customers has been deprecated.

How to Copy Data from Deprecated Single Line of Text Column "Target Customers" to the new Multiline Text Column

If you previously added data to the now deprecated single line of text Target Customers column, follow these instructions to copy the data to the new multiline text column:

  1. In the Requests Area choose to create a personal view.

  2. In the personal view configuration screen click Edit Columns.

  3. Using Record Type Request add the new column Target Customers and the deprecated column xx_Target Customers.

  4. Click OK and save and close the view.
  5. In the Requests Area switch to your new personal view.
  6. Click Open in Excel Online.

  7. In Excel Online copy the data from the deprecated xx_Target Customers column to the new Target Customers column as you would typically do in a spreadsheet.
  8. Save the Excel file, click Track Progress, wait for the Excel Online import process to complete and close the import screen.
  9. Return to your custom view, refresh the screen and confirm that the old column data has been successfully copied into the new column.