Release 1.4

New Features

Home Page Project Summary Metrics

We've added live metric data from across all app areas to the Home Page. Metric items link directly to their corresponding views.

Portfolio & Program Area Enhancements

In this release BrightWork 365 adds the Portfolio and Program features noted below for additional options to track and control your projects:

New Power Apps Dashboards

  • View and analyze critical portfolio data with a large variety of new Power Apps Dashboards with selectors and drill-down options.

Power BI Report Enhancements

  • Documents from Actions and Costs are now included in the Power BI Project Documents dashboard.
  • Added an Active Stage column and a Project Status filter to Power BI dashboards so users can find projects that have specific criteria.
  • Added Last Refresh Date information to report pages.

Other Updates

  • The Requests feature has been moved to the Projects area and the Requests area has been deprecated.
  • There is a new Reports area, accessible from the main nav.
  • The My Work reports have been moved from the Projects area to the Reports area.
  • PBI Reports has been renamed to Power BI Reports and moved from the Portfolios area to the Reports area.
  • Accessibility enhancements have been implemented including improved descriptive tool tips and link titles, screen reader compatibility, and navigation ease of use.
  • Dates entered by users throughout the app will be saved as time zone independent UTC dates, not user local dates; the same dates will be displayed for all users irrespective of time zone.
  • Admin > Teams is now named Admin > Dynamics Teams to better differentiate it from Teams within the Microsoft Teams app.
  • Project views now place the Project Name column first instead of the Project Reference column.

Release Upgrade Steps

In the BrightWork 365 Install Guide.pdf be sure to review the section Upgrade BrightWork 365, including the additional steps related to setting up the Costs and Budgets field security profile, and republishing the Power BI template.