Product Installation & Upgrade

If you have product installation questions, please contact Support using the Contact Us link at the top of the Knowledge Base, or send an email to

Installation Instructions

See the embedded installation instructions below, or for mobile viewing see BrightWork 365 Install Guide.pdf . Upon completion of the installation we recommend running through the post installation steps.

License & Role Requirements for the Installation User

We recommend that a service account be used to install BrightWork 365 and the install be performed by a member of the organization's Microsoft 365 Admin team. Upgrades must be done by the same account as the installation.

The Microsoft 365 account used to install BrightWork 365 must have the following (licenses must not be removed from this user to ensure flows continue to function):

  • Power Apps per user license. See "How to Check Which Microsoft 365 Licenses You Have" below for additional information.
  • Power Platform admin role in Microsoft 365.

    About the Need for the Power Platform admin Role

    BrightWork recommends that the BrightWork 365 application be installed by a user account with the Power Platform Admin role. This user account must permanently have a Power Apps per User license. This is necessary because BrightWork 365 requires a licensed user to set up connection references using their organizational Microsoft 365 account. These connection references enable different parts of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem to 'talk' to each other (e.g. SharePoint, Outlook etc.). Removing the license means that BrightWork 365 will stop working as expected.
    We further recommend that this user account be a service account, to ensure continuity of service should individuals leave the organization.
    We typically expect that a member of the organization's Microsoft 365 administration team will perform the installation.
    Providing this user with the Power Platform Admin role gives them access to all the Power Platform environments in the organization and to manage these environments. This is why we expect that the installation user will be a member of the Microsoft 365 Admin Team.
    It may be possible to install BrightWork 365 with a lower 'per-environment' set of privileges; however, this is not a situation that BrightWork has tested.
  • System Administrator role in the destination environment.

  • An Exchange mailbox (e.g., a minimum of a Microsoft 365 E1 or equivalent license).
  • Power BI administrator role.
  • Power BI Pro (or higher) license to setup the Power BI dashboard (optional if publishing a Power BI dashboard to a common workspace).

How to Check Which Microsoft 365 Licenses You Have

The BrightWork 365 Install user must have a Power Apps per User license. See below to establish if this applies to you.

  1. Log in to
  2. Click View account on your profile menu.
  3. Click Subscriptions on the nav.
  4. If the "Power Apps per user plan" is not listed, do not proceed with the install. Contact your organization's Microsoft 365 Admin to add a Power Apps per User license to your Microsoft 365 account.


  • If the customer solution has flows in it, then it should be installed or upgraded by the same user account as BrightWork 365.
  • If the customer solution does not have any flows in it, it can be installed or upgraded by a user with the System Administrator security role (this is an environment role).

Organization System Settings

Organization system settings, including Regional Options, can be configured through Power Platform System Settings.

BrightWork 365 Install & Upgrade Guide