Create Projects Without a Request

Some organizations will not need a formal request process for all projects, and will therefore allow certain users to create projects directly in the Projects Area. Users with the Project Manager or PMO security role will be able to create projects from a template using a simple interface.

If a user with the Project Manager or PMO Manager security role clicks + New in the Projects Area, they will be presented with a project creation form.
Note: Do not use any of the following characters in the Title field as these are forbidden characters for the names of SharePoint folders that will automatically get created: ":", "*", "<", ">", "?", "|"

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  • If the Template selected does not have a Content Template (a reference to another project from which content will be copied), the project will be created instantly and the form will transition.

  • If the Template selected has a Content Template, the form will not transition to the Project form until the Create Project Flow has completed its processing (users will receive an email when the flow has completed), and the Refresh button is subsequently clicked.

  • The duration of the project creation process depends on the number of child rows (Tasks, Issues, Risks, etc.) present in the project getting created.