BrightWork 365 Start

The Challenge

Your group has invested in the Microsoft 365 platform and now wishes to leverage this platform to manage new project requests, projects, and portfolios in a manner that suits the context of your group. In addition to starting quickly, you wish to have key people in your group trained in the smooth operation of project and portfolio management on the platform. 


Your dedicated BrightWork 365 Customer Success Partner will collaborate with your team to Design, Deliver and Deploy a solution for project and portfolio management on the Microsoft 365 platform (i.e. Microsoft: Power Apps, Power BI, Teams, SharePoint Online, Word) using BrightWork 365.  


This 'Start' Service uses the BrightWork 3D Deployment Process (Design, Deliver, Deploy). 3D is a clear, transparent, and practical change management process focused on the needs of your group. Using 3D, we will help you to implement collaborative project and portfolio management with Microsoft 365 and BrightWork 365. 


We will work with the project management champion from your group as our main contact. This individual will help us work with a representative sample of your senior managers, project managers, and team members as needed through this process.  

Effort and Duration

We will work with you to deliver the ‘Start’ service over 36 hours either in one week or, if you prefer, spread over two to four weeks. The timeframe is dependent on availability of your team and how quickly we can make decisions as we work collaboratively on the deployment. 


After the ‘Start’ service, you can raise a BrightWork 365 support ticket via an online support portal and receive continuous updates on your issue until it gets resolved. When you are ready, and as needed, you can engage with your BrightWork 365 Customer Success Partner to work through your project and portfolio management Evolve Plan, with our ‘Evolve” service. 

Get Started

Contact to obtain additional details and to get started.