Add a BrightWork Customer Success Guest User

To add a BrightWork Customer Success guest user to your Microsoft 365 tenant and Power Platform Dev and UAT environments:

  1. Navigate to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center at
  2. Expand Users and click Guest users.
  3. Click Add a guest user.

  4. Select Invite User and fill out the form.
  5. Scroll down, click Groups and add the user to the security group for the Dev environment.
  6. Click Invite - the user will receive an invite.

  7. Provide the Guest user with either a Power Apps per User license (preferred) or Power Apps per App license.
  8. Navigate to, open the Dev environment and add the user. Grant the user the security roles Basic User, Environment Maker, System Customizer, and all of the "BrightWork" labeled security roles. Repeat for the UAT environment.